Why choose a public training course?

The great thing about public training courses is they are available to anyone and everyone. Public training courses are ideal for training a very small group of people, usually around two to three people. They allow you to network with individuals of the same profession in different organisations and industries.

Our public training courses are delivered by professionals with profound knowledge and skill in their areas of study. Our programmes can be either:

  • A one-day introductory course that provides increased knowledge regarding a standard.
  • A weeks-long course to create a more detailed and comprehensive understanding regarding the subject matter.

When should I choose a public training course?

You should opt for a public training course if you are looking for a cost-effective method to train a very small group of people in your firm regarding a specific subject matter.

Why Choose In-House Training?

  • Cost-effective

    In-House training allows you to train your employees at your company in a cost-effective manner by transporting the trainer to your company instead of paying for employee travel and possible accommodation.

    In-house training is an ideal choice for team-building as it brings together a set of individuals focussed on understanding a particular aspect. In-house training is also a more convenient approach; your employees already know where everything is and are more comfortable in a familiar environment making them more open to learning.

    While public training courses are more generic, running an in-house training with employees allows you to focus more on the business issues and the most effective methods to tackle these problems.

  • Tried-and-Tested Content

    Another great thing about in-house training is that it includes tried-and-tested-content, which means that training providers use successful and effective content as well as stimulating methods of learning and require no ideas or additional information from you apart from specific company information which will be relevant to the training.

  • Tailored Training

    Our trainers are focussed on delivering a course tailored to meet your specific demands. Upon your request, our specialist will meet with you to acquire a broader perspective regarding your company’s goals and ambitions and hence, design a course specifically for you in order to receive the best possible outcomes.

When should I choose an in-house training course?

Are you looking for a more focused training approach in a specific aspect within your business?

Do you want a more convenient, cost-effective training solution that inspires team-building?

Are you looking to bring new ideas and techniques that challenge your employees to make a better and even different impact in their workplace?