Trainer Profile

Trainer Profile

Ghiath Hawari

Ghiath Hawari is a professional trainer and master facilitator who has a broad experience in leadership, strategic management and coaching and mentoring. Together with Dr. Mazen Khiami, he founded Horizons Learning in London which is a training and consultancy company working in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.


Ghiath has worked for many years in the field of leadership and management as well as self-development. He was instrumental in the translation of work by the renowned Franklin Covey institute and has worked with many Arab and foreign organisations as a trainer, a consultant and as an expert.

He has been involved with various studies, statistical research and consultancies with international publishers in fields such as Leadership, Self-development, and Accelerated Learning Techniques. He has also worked with Dr Tarek al-Sweidan in Kuwait in the Outstanding Leadership programmes.

His tremendous experience in these fields makes him a valuable asset to any organisation that deals with him.


Ghiath graduated from Beirut University in Business Administration and has a Diploma in Marketing and a Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

He has participated in many programmes by Franklin Covey, Edward de Bono and Jack Philips to name but a few.

Ghiath’s interest in personal development and education is shown by his participation in many Business Management, Management Development, and Education Solutions courses.

From Ghiath Hawari

“The mission of our company is to provide expert advice to organisations which seek professional HR assistance in order to move ahead towards a developed and healthy HR environment.

Fundamental human resources and people management information is provided, with up-to-date theoretical and practical experience to guarantee the best recommendations and consultation to all our clients.

I strongly believe in helping disadvantaged people and I am a member of Bidaya NGO where I act as a mentor for new entrepreneurs and a member of Rainbow NGO where I am involved in the many activities that help to improve the lives of underprivileged people in our society.”

Mazen Khiami

Dr. Mazen  Khiami is a Human Resource consultant specialising in creating and implementing solutions for organisations to enable them to become more efficient in the utilisation of their most vital resource – their employees.

Together with Ghiath Hawari, he founded Horizons Learning in London which is a training and consultancy company working in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. He is the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of the company.


Mazen’s experience has been mostly in management operations in the UK banking sector. He worked for many years as a Senior Operations Analyst and as an Operational Team Leader managing the organisation’s IBM and Tandem mainframes.

Mazen is currently an HR consultant working in the UK and the Middle East region and is the EMENA representative for Horizons Learning. He is a part-time university lecturer in Kuwait and Dubai and a consultant for Al Jazeera Media Training Centre in Doha, Qatar.

He is an approved trainer, course adminstrator and internal auditor for Edexcel UK and ILM UK.


Mazen studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Manchester Metropolitan University as well as Mathematics and Computing. He has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University in the UK.

He says that, for him, it was a natural progression to move from operations to management and that the study of HR is key to understanding and designing the mechanisms of a ‘successful’ organisation.

For his Doctorate degree, Mazen specialises in researching the Psychological and Cognitive aspects of Organisational Behaviour and Cultural Intelligence dynamics in multinational organisations in the Middle East.

Huda Al Khawaja

Huda Al Khawaja is a highly experienced consultant and facilitator committed to a personal mission of “empowering people to find their voices towards achieving their goals”.

Huda has outstanding experience in consulting and in developing and customizing programs in the areas of leadership, general management, strategic planning, Training of Trainers, and in self-effectiveness programs based on learners' needs.

She gained a broad range of business experience over the last 25 years working globally, and specifically, in the GCC and the Middle East. Her experience as a consultant and a trainer extends to Retail, Education, Banking and Investment, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Airport Management Services, Hospital Management and NGOs.

Huda has trained and coached hundred's of diversified leaders, trainers, and recently focused on women in leadership and youth. She served as a consultant for educational organizations and institutions such as the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia USA , and the Institute of Banking in Riyadh.

Huda is a former Executive Vice President for FranklinCovey ME and also, a member of the Board of Directors. She received the Franklin Covey Global Award “President’s Club” for outstanding performance in 2004. Huda was a member of the Franklin Covey “Global Leadership Council” which was formed to develop the “Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results” program.

Huda served as a consultant for the Institute of Banking which is part of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and she is the founder of the Executive Leadership Centre and the Women Training Center.

Huda believes in humanity, and in people's rights to live and achieve their dreams - this is translated by serving NGOs - empowering their members with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their missions. Huda serves as a consultant and a facilitator at Bahrain Women Association for Human Development.