We harbour the best professional consultancy team in the region that possesses years of experience in the Middle East and Europe. They are trained specialists able to collect and evaluate large amounts of data relevant to your organisation while meeting tight deadlines with ultimate precision.

We work with you step by step to pinpoint the issues in your company and offer the necessary advice to enable you to move forward.

We will then move onto planning effective techniques with you in order tackle these problems and get you on the right path while preventing any further complications from branching out.

Our Consultancy Services:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Training and Development

Why do organisations hire strategy consultants?

Strategy Consultants are professionally trained to manage intricate organisational decisions. It’s their job and they will devote all their time to the issue or question at hand. Strategy Consultants will consider every angle and every possibility to ensure you obtain the best outcomes for the future of your company. They also possess and offer a deep, comprehensive understanding regarding a particular business or topic, such as reconstructing or market positioning.

When do I need a Strategy Consultant for my organisation?

A strategy consultant is called upon when a company is in dire need of top-level advisement. Strategy consulting is an approach used to make unbiased and high-level decisions that are vital to the future of the company. These decisions involve determining the right course of action in very tricky and complex situations.

The steps we take in Strategy Consulting

  • Preparing the strategic plan for your organisation
  • Analyzing the competitive strategies for your organisation
  • Evaluating the strategic performance of your firm
  • Closing the gaps between the strategic plan and the operational plan

Why Human Resources is important in any organisation

Human Resources is “The people that staff and operate an organization,” – William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary.

HR Management includes recruiting new employees, training them, and developing their skills within the organisation.

The human resources management serves to identify the development requirements and needs of your staff and employees, so they may integrate with a more expansive business strategy, they understand what motivate your employees and ensure they are benefiting and enjoying a full experience within the organisation.

Our HR Management consultancy service includes:

  • Preparing a strategic Human Resources plan
  • Designing the business model, and identifying related tasks and responsibilities
  • Conducting a field study for the labor market and determining salary levels
  • Evaluating jobs and preparing the salary ladder for organisations and institutions
  • Upgrading skills assessment standards
  • Developing employee policies and procedures
  • Evaluating the working staff and working towards establishing a unified working culture for different references and levels.
  • Qualifying the organisation or institution towards implementing a transition management system in a successful and integrated fashion.